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SEO is a waste of time!


if it does not turn in to customers.

Being found online is one thing, increased sales is something else. Some people call this conversion optimisation. Whatever you call this, we believe this should be the focus of any work on your website.

Blindly chasing rankings is tough, and often creates a diversion from the real goal. Too often we see customers focus on ranking in google, rather than increasing sales or profits.

When you keep your focus on the real goals, you soon see that while SEO is an important part of the puzzle, it is not the silver bullet that fixes everything.

How do I rank well in Google?

Without getting technical, if you have a great site, that has real people interested in what you are doing, that can be measured (by google) in terms of;

  • -Changes and new content to your website,
  • - other websites talking about you, and
  • - a regular conversation on social media,

then you will rank well in Google and other search engines.

Sounds Simple? Talk to us to find out how simple it should be for you.

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