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Web Design

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Your website needs to represent you, from top to bottom. When a potential client visits, they want know that what they see on the website, is a reflection of the service, and people that they will get when working with you.

First impressions count. If your website is slow, looks too cheap, or is old and out dated, then your visitors will think much the same about you. Choosing a design is vitally important to correctly represent you.

It sounds simple - match the people within the business to the design; formal = formal. Fun = fun. You get the idea.

Tracking Results

You would not run a business without knowing the financial position of your business. You can’t effectively run a website without knowing what is happing on your site.

Good reporting will be able to show you all the data about the visitors on your website, allowing you to fine-tune your website for better and better results.

Great Content;

Follow these simple steps to create great content for every page of your website;

  1. Interrupt - visually and with powerful words.
  2. Engage - your audience, so they want to keep reading
  3. Educate - so they understand where you come from, and how you work.
  4. The Next Step - Action. give the reader something to do on every page.

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