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How to transfer between Adobe Resellers


How to transfer your website to Easy Website Manager from another Adobe Reseller or Partner

If you have a website that is currently hosted with an Adobe Business Catalyst partner or reseller, you may be looking for a supportive reseller, with a wealth of experience. (That's us)
Easy Website Manager can take over rather easily. 

Here are the steps to move to Easy Website Manager:

  1. Review our pricing and plan options 
  2. Read the Adobe policy fine print on moving websites
  3. Let us know you're switching on our Contact Us page
  4. Tell Adobe you want to switch (What to tell Adobe)  (How to submit a ticket)
  5. Ask your current provider to approve the move. (What to tell the current reseller)


Will my site change?
No, your website will remain exactly as it is now. the only change is the invoice will be from us.

Will my site have down time or be off-line?
No, the site will remain active and visible to your visitors the whole time.

What if my OLD reseller does not respond?
At the time of writing, according to the Adobe policies, you need to allow 7 days for the old reseller to reply to you. If you do not get a reply, you should advise Adobe with a reference to the same support ticket number. Adobe will then attempt to contact the reseller themselves. If they still don't get a reply, within 7 days, then the migration will proceed.

What to Tell Adobe

This is the message you should send to Adobe, via the Support centre "submit a ticket": (How to Submit a Ticket)
Dear Adobe Support, 
I'd like to authorise the move of my website to another Adobe partner. 
My Website URL is: www.YOUR-WEBSITE>COM
My email: (you must be an admin user of the site to request the move)

The new Partner Name: Easy Website Manager
The new Partner URL: www.easywebsitemanager.com.au
The new Partner user email: webdev@easywebsitemanager.com.au

I have read and understand the Adobe fine print of this move. Kind regards,

(note down your support ticket number, which is sent to your email address)

What to Tell the current reseller or partner:

Send and email or use their contact page to tell them:

I am writing to advise that I wish to transfer my Adobe Reseller to www.easywebsitemanager.com.au. 
According to the Adobe policies, I am required to get your approval to complete this request. Please log a support request at businesscatalyst.com/contact or their support pages and reference my Domain name, and my support ticket number which is XXXX. Also state that "I approve for this site to be transferred from my Partner Portal."
Please advise me when you have completed this approval.
Kind regards,