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Moving your website to Easy Website Manager

General Videos

  • What is Business Catalyst

    Get started with Business Catalyst. Learn how this platform can enable you to build powerfull websites, stored on state of the art fault tolerant servers, managed through a central portal. Where you manage everything from page content to reports, analytics and domains.

  • Creating and Publishing Sites

    Watch how easy it is to create and publish a Business Catalyst site. Step-by-step video tutorial and overview of the dashboard and partner portal, in the context of going live.

Website Related Videos

  • Creating Web Pages

    Watch a 12 minute video about everything there is to know about page management in Business Catalyst. Web Page Workflows.

  • Creating Dynamic Menus

    Menus used to be a painful process in terms of creation. Business Catalyst allows you to easily create dynamic menus, with our intuitive builder. Choose between menu types such as CSS and table based.

  • Using the Blog Module

    Discover the Business Catalyst Blog Module. Watch a video on how to setup a new blog, create a new post, work with the blog url.

  • Using InContext Editing

    In Context Editing is one of the most sought after tools that Business Catalyst offers. Content management becomes a cool, easy task that your customers will enjoy carrying out, as it allows them to basically edit content in pages in a WYSIWYG manner.

  • Creating Site Templates

    Overview of the process of creating site templates. An useful tool for streamlining content management and delivery throughout your site.

Module Related Videos

  • Using the Web Form Builder

    Watch this video to learn about using the web form builder. Setup basics: giving the form a name, setting up workflows and working with secure zones.

eCommerce Related Videos

Email Marketing Related Videos

  • Introduction to Email Marketing

    What is Email Marketing and why is it important? Analyze research data from previous years showing the evolution of this service, in terms of return on investment, and overall online activity.

  • Building an Email List

    Watch a video on how to grow mailing lists. How to get users to opt-in.

Customer Related Videos

  • Introduction to the CRM

    What is the CRM and what can you use it for? Manage customer relations/records, contact information, custom crm forms, cases, orders, subscriptions and more.

Administration Related Videos

  • Add Your Domain to BC

    You've registered a domain name? Time to add it to your Business Catalyst site. Watch this video for a quick 4 minute walk-through of the process.

  • Creating Form Workflow Notifications

    Setup workflow notification to allow admin users inside associated user roles to be notified when a specific webform is submitted.

  • Import Customer Records

    Use either the basic or the advanced template, to bring in your contacts. Automatically subscribe them to secure zone and affiliate programs.

Adobe Dreawmweaver Related Videos

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