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Telemarketing about website security

Some marketing plans are not really thought out too well.

I had a very intelligent client who thought clearly enough when a telemarketer rang recently claiming to be from Netregistry. They said, “we scan all our customers web hosting, and found that yours does not have security installed.” Presumably the next sentence was going to be ‘we can move your site and host it for you on our secure server’. 

Fortunately the client simply asked them to call me. 

The point here is that I know the servers I run are secure. They are hosted by Adobe, on Amazon Web Services. These servers simply don’t respond to scripts that scan sites for security settings. (which is what this telemarketer claimed he used) 

The problem I have, is that this type of phone call wastes time. For some people, it might have meant they waste time moving their site for no good reason. It might mean they waste time talking to 2-3 other people, not to mention the telemarketer. It also creates un-due panic in my customers which is just not fair. 

If you are one of my clients, and you get a call like this, please just ask them to call me, or better yet, tell them, “I trust Adobe and Brendan more than I trust you. Bye for now.” 

Wednesday, December 04, 2013