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SSL on Adobe websites

For the years, the online world has moved toward a more secure web by adopting HTTPS encryption. Most browsers now have some method to show users when they should trust a site, and when they might not. Even as recently Google continue to tell website owners to upgrade to HTTPS

Why do I want HTTPS?

Google, and other browsers, have gradually started to encourage their users to look out for sites that don’t use ‘HTTPS’ or sometimes call an SSL certificate.
You may have noticed that if a site is secure, you get a little green padlock in the address bar:

Alternatively, on other sites you may have seen:

The word from Google is that they have already started to rank sites WITH SSL higher than sites without SSL. This article shows Google talking about HTTPS as a method for ranking websites.

So the two reasons to get SSL:

  1. Better ranking in Google, and
  2. Happier website visitors who feel secure on your site.

A little more technical:

From a technical stand-point, HTTPS is mostly only required if you are entering ‘sensitive information’ in to forms. However your interpretation of ‘sensitive’ might be different to the next person. Also, if you enjoy a good conspiracy you can google "is https really secure”, but let's just presume it is for now.

What has Adobe done?

Contrary to some old reports online, Adobe Business Catalyst sites can have their very own SSL certificate, allowing HTTPS in the address bar.

While secure forms were always enabled with Adobe Business Catalyst, they were handled via a separate domain (https://{site}.worldsecuresystems.com) where as now, you can have https://www.yourdomain.com.

So now, we can easily enable SSL for your domain - almost.

We say ‘easily’ and 'almost' because the purchase or in some cases, the included SSL can be requested with a tick of a box or completion of a form. However most sites also need a few changes made to update their sites to work properly. This involves changing the references to various links and sometimes images.

How do I get HTTPS?

So, if you’d like to have your site made secure all the time (not just when the checkout page is showing) please contact us. We have a special form setup for this request, with some indication of prices based on your site size.

While we are talking about changes to your site, we could also discuss upgrades to your site.

It might be timely for you to consider;

  • a mobile version of your site, or
  • asking us to manage your social media accounts, or
  • Getting found in Google with SEO
  • You can tick that box too in the enquiry form.

Safer Browsing!

Thursday, March 15, 2018