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2014 Online Business Forecast

Once upon a time you could list your keywords in some code, or have it appear hundreds of times on a page, and that would pretty much assure you of a top position in Google. These days it is simply not the case. The trends that you will be hearing more and more this year are going to be “Entities” and “Local Search”.

“Local search” is an consultants way of saying “you can’t afford a national SEO campaign” so they huff and puff about how you’d prefer local business only. In some cases they are correct. Most trades really do only need work from a reasonably small geographic location. For a customer, it is sometimes the case that they would prefer to deal with a local business too, so it all makes sense. 

"Entities" is the term associated with the collective profile of a business. It could include:


  • Brand,
  • Website
  • Business
  • Author
  • Staff
  • PR people
  • Raving fans

Basically all those that are regularly talking about you. Why are entities important? 

Search engines (like Google) have decided that they have enough data about - well - everything, that they can look a several online footprints that are part of an entity, and see how they interact, and then let that help them decide how important a specific website (or person) is in relation to any specific keyword. 

What? Say that again! 

Lets look at a real example. A regular medium business, using terms that Google can see;

They might have 7-10 email accounts/staff, 2-3 of these have related accounts on a few social media accounts like google plus, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Some of these have regular (or not so much) conversations on these networks about work. They link to related articles, they talk about their business, they ‘secretly’ follow the competitions social pages. 

Then Google look a bit wider, and find a few fans of the business, that also mention the business in some of their posts. A couple of these are more or less active as an advocate for the brand. 

Compare this profile (above) to the competition next door. They just have a website, and they pay a friend of a friend $200 month to ‘do SEO’ when you ask what they are doing, the answers are usually, well, he started about 2 years ago, and sends me some reports some times..  The reality is that they really don’t know, and if they started 2 years ago, they are probably still just creating a bunch of links for you, that are having less and less effect on your business. 

Google ‘sees’ a much larger, mixed footprint for the first business, and could decide that they are a much better fit to appear at the top of a search result. 

In 2014, we will be helping you to fully understand what you need to do to ensure your online success.
We will do this with free video and articles like this one, as well as packages you can sign up for to help you achieve the success you desire. 
Stay Tuned.

Friday, December 20, 2013